The Truth about Vitamins & Supplements

When it comes to discussing the need for supplements there is a lot of conflicting information out there. People divide into two very vocal groups.Yes, you absolutely need supplements and no, you don’t need them at all. Personally I have always been in the, no you do not need them at all, group. While researching for this post I have done a complete 180 and now I feel we all need to supplement our nutrient intake in order to reach that peak state of health we all aim for.

Why did I change my mind?

  • soil depletion of natural minerals
  • industrial food growing practices
  • the amount of chemical additives toxins in our food supply

Most people nowadays have deficiencies of some form or another in their bodies. This can only be determined by laboratory testing.

What Vitamins and Supplements to Take

  1. Good multivitamin with added minerals
  2. Fish oil that supplies the omega 3, EPA 180 and DHA 120
  3. Probiotics – maintain normal flora in our intestines

Omega 3s are the essential fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). DHA and EPA cannot be synthesized by your body and must be acquired from outside sources, like fish oil supplements and flax seeds.

When we get the right amount of DHA and EPA, we can lower our risk of cardiac death, regulate cholesterol, fight depression, improve circulation, decrease inflammation in the body, protect against age-related blindness, lower risk of cardiac death, regenerate nerve cells, diminish inflammation of brain tissue, restore proper communication between brain and neurons, ease rheumatoid arthritis, improve mood, alleviate dyslexia, and provide vascular protection, among other things. Those are enough reasons for me. I just swallowed my capsule of 100% wild alaskan salmon and fish oil blend.


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