Success & Motivation

Here are some incredible videos of Motivation and Inspiration. I love hearing other peoples advice for overcoming adversity, or simply hearing their interesting stories of how they handled a life experience. This page has been created to feature some of those videos all of which are available on YouTube.

Extreme Weight Loss

People are Awesome


Stand by Me – Playing for Change – Song Around the World


Jerry Sargeant Training Video

We all have been given the ability to choose our destiny. Do not allow negativity into your life, negativity turns to fear and extreme fear turns to hate. Stay strong, stay focused and reach for the stars. Listen to the fire in your belly. You can become whatever you want to become. Never give up, never say die. Believe in yourself. Enjoy this inspiring video!

Motivational Fitness Video

I want to be challenged.
I want to sweat, scream and have a real workout.
I want to be part of a fitness community, to fight the fight, to be my best, to never give up.
I want to go to bootcamp, to have a personal trainer.
I want to be a force.
I want it all.

John Von Achen’s Inspiring Video

Author, Strategic Expert and Motivational Speaker
You can create your best year ever.
What will you do with your future?
You have untapped potential.
You can choose to succeed – decide to prosper.
You are unique.
Retrain your brain.
Step forward daily.
Ask questions and question everything.
Never give up.
Prepare for success.

Guess Who these Famous People Are

She was dismissed from drama school because she was told she was wasting her time. She was to shy to ever make it on stage.
This group was told we don’t like your sound and besides guitar music is on the way out.
He was a failed real estate agent, soldier, farmer and at the age of 38 went to work for his father as a handyman.
He was cut from his high school basketball team and locked himself into his bedroom and cried.
He was told by his teacher that he was too stupid to learn anything, that he should go into a field where he would be hired for his pleasing personality.
He was fired from a newspaper because he lacked imagination and had no original ideas.
His fiancee died, he had two nervous breakdowns and he was defeated in 8 elections.


Life Be In It – The More or Less Diet


Look Me in The Eyes