Muscle Fitness

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Meet my niece Miryah Jade Scott! I thought you might like an example of a female who’s body is fit but not overly muscular.

Muscles Defined

There are three types of muscle:

Skeletal or voluntary muscle and smooth or involuntary muscle and cardiac muscle. When we exercise we are concerned mainly with our skeletal muscle which is further divided into subtypes.

  • Type I, slow oxidative, slow twitch, or “red” muscle is dense with blood vessels and is rich in  mitochondria and myoglobin giving the muscle tissue its characteristic red color. It can carry more oxygen and sustain aerobic activity.
  • Type II, fast twitch muscle, has three major kinds that are, in order of increasing contractile speed
    • Type IIa, which, like slow muscle, is aerobic, rich in mitochondria and capillaries and appears red.
    • Type IIx (also known as type IId), which is less dense in mitochondria and myoglobin. This is the fastest muscle type in humans. It can contract more quickly and with a greater amount of force than oxidative muscle, but can sustain only short, anaerobic bursts of activity before muscle contraction becomes painful. (often incorrectly attributed to a build up of lactic acid).
    • Type IIb, which is anaerobic, glycolytic “white” muscle that is even less dense in mitochondria and myoglobin.

Slow Twitch versus Fast Twitch Muscle.

As a human race we are relatively new to our modern civilized lifestyle. In evolutionary terms we have just newly graduated from our nomadic wandering stage. Our bodies, or more precisely our muscles, evolved to meet the needs of hunters and gatherers. The slow twitch muscle is what provides us with long  sustained energy to perform our daily needs of gathering food.  We needed to cover long distances and work long hours to provide for ourselves and our families. The fast twitch muscle is what allows sudden burst of energy to avoid danger or move in for the kill. These muscles, with their short intense explosive bursts of power, can only be maintained for very short periods of time before they are exhausted.

Building Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers


Peak Performance Depends on Developing Your Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Slow twitch muscle fibers are what your body uses when your do aerobic exercises. They keep you going during the long, grueling and tiring sports that last over a big span of time like marathons or long races.  Top peak athletic sprinters develop the fast twitch muscle fibers. It is these muscles that allow them to explode out of the box and run at full speed to the finish line. A person can exercise all they want but if they do not build their fast twitch muscle fibers they will not be able to run fast or jump high.

Fit Healthy Muscles

Set aside time for weight training. Advanced research studies show that there is a direct link between maximum strength, using the best bodybuilding supplements and overall speed which is why using heavy weights to make yourself stronger beefs up your fast twitch fibers.

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein to encourage muscle healing and growth. Recovering from sprint workouts and heavy lifting sessions is tough without a solid protein base. Aim to eat .4 grams of protein for each pound that you weigh.

There are many ways to skin the cat. My favorite one and the only one that has worked for me is

Work out 7 minutes a Day every other Day for Life.

Get enthusiastically involved in the 7 minute workout every other day exercise routine. It really is the best way to get fit healthy muscles and to maintain them for a lifetime of strength and well being. All the fitness knowledge needed for a happy fit and healthy lifestyle is handed to you on a silver platter. Exercise videos for every level of fitness. The fit credit system provides an easy way to keep track of healthy eating habits and points out where improvement is possible.  Your very own personal fitness program is worked out for you automatically and updated as you progress towards your goal. The best benefit of all is the very supportive community where you share your successes and your failures and receive encouragement every step of the way.

Why wait till the doctor tells you if you don’t change your lifestyle you will not last long. Take your health and muscle fitness into your own hands today!