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Eating Fresh Promotes Weight Loss

Lose Weight Fast and Easy

Many people want to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks or something like that. Do not go there, there is no healthy way to lose that much weight in that time frame unless it’s water weight and then you should be under the care of a physician to guide you. However do not despair, there is an easy method for losing 100 pounds but it will not happen in 3 weeks. How quickly it happens is entirely in your control.

Amazing Weight Loss Story

I wish to illustrate my point with a weight loss story. I read about Jill Knapp in the August 2010 issue of the For Women First magazine. Jill was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, shortly after her 3rd child was born. She couldn’t believe that she found herself in this position, 3 children to care for and love and at the age of 43 needing to take medication for the rest of her life. She searched to find a way to reverse Type 2 diabetes.

She vowed to change her eating habits and searched the internet for nutrition advise. She stopped eating her old favorites like cookies and chips. She emptied her cupboards of processed foods and stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables instead. She worried that she would feel hunger, have  cravings, or worse still,  feel tired with her new eating plan but she followed through.

The Healing Power of Fresh Fare

The fruits and vegetables tasted so fresh! The tomatoes were mouthwatering compared to the produce bought in large super stores. The garden grown lettuce, cucumbers, grapes, carrots, beets, green beans all had a crunch to them when you bit into the food. She found that she felt satisfied sooner and realized, to her surprise, that she was eating less food without being hungry.

Easy, Rapid Weight Loss

50 pounds fell off in just 7 months. This new way of eating seemed to revitalize her. Her skin glowed, she has more energy, she was enjoying her food, she was not hungry; but the best benefit of all was when her physician announced, “Your diabetes is in remission!”

To read more about the reasons fresh fare is so beneficial for your health please read my article, Natural Healing with Fresh Fare.

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