How to Diet



I’ve just been doing my research on healthy food and nutrition for my own weight loss and now I think I am more confused that I was before I started. There are just about as many diets recommended as there are people. Dr. Phil has a diet book, Dr Oz has his daily green drink to escalate fat burn, Oprah has probably tried them all and we have all witnessed how each diet initially works to lose weight sometimes 100 pounds or more, BUT a year or so later its back. The obesity epidemic speaks for itself, it is difficult to follow a life long healthy eating regime in our modern society when all things are considered.

For my working lifetime I would leave our home in a rush in the morning eating “on the fly” 5 days of the week, grab a fast lunch and then come home too exhausted to want to prepare a healthy nutritious meal. If  I did take the time to make a proper meal, because the healthiest meals always take time, I would have grabbed something to eat before supper was ready because I literally could not wait till supper was ready, I needed to eat right now! Those calories add up quickly as does the glass of wine before supper. Besides the calories from the wine itself, it really increases my appetite so I would eat more, especially sweets. I crave something sweet after I drink white wine.

Fit for Life – My Fitness Goal

I am in my late sixties and plan to live another 25 good, happy, fit, healthy years. That means I must make a lifestyle change. I hate to exercise and I am 50 pounds overweight. I still can’t quite believe I allowed this to happen to me, but here I am, so what do I plan to do about it. Eat less calories than the calories I burn – Ok I get that. Please don’t tell me I have to go hungry to lose my weight because that simply will not work for any extended length of time. I know, I’ve tried it before many times. My fitness goal is to lose 50 pounds by Christmas 2011. That gives me a little more than 6 months to reach my goal but I plan on enjoying every step of the way, every pound lost is going to be celebrated and not with a glass of wine either. As I write this I still don’t know what will substitute the glass of wine but I’ll find something.

My Lifetime Eating Plan

I plan on keeping this as simple as possible so that I can stick with it. From the extensive reading I have done I believe that following an eating plan designed for a diabetic is a very healthy approach to a healthy diet and it is certainly doable for a lifetime because millions of people are following it and have for years. There are a ton of cookbooks out there for me to get delicious recipes and I am fairly familiar with this diet because my father was a diabetic and I was raised on a diabetic diet. Not that we didn’t have ice cream and other treats but we certainly ate complex carbohydrates and not nearly the amount of refined foods we eat today.

My Loose Weight Diet Plan

    1. Eat Complex Carbohydrates that have a glycemic index of less than 55.
    2. Eat mostly chicken, turkey, fish ( if I can get fresh pickeral).
    3. Limit my consumption of red meat. Instead of ground hamburger I will eat ground turkey.
    4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, mostly raw, if possible.
    5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
    6. Take a multivitamin daily.
    7. Have 2 tablespoons of wheat bran daily.
    8. Use more spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, Cayenne pepper) t0 to flavor my food.
    9. Meat portion size = a deck of cards.
    10. As many raw fruits and vegetables as I like.
    11. Consume only healthy fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils.
    12. I’ll add it when it comes back to me – slipped away just now.

My Weight Loss Exercise Plan

I will follow the program for my exercise routine. This plan advocates exercising to momentary muscular failure for 7 minutes a day every other day for a lifetime. You target a different set of muscles each day that you do your exercises but you only exercise every other day. This means that each muscle group that you exercise is getting a 10 day rest before you exercise them again and herein lays the benefit of this approach. When you exercise your muscles to momentary muscular failure you are causing tiny miniscule tears in your muscular fiber. The 10 days rest time frame is giving your muscles adequate time to heal themselves. This makes this 7 minute workout program a very healthy and doable exercise regime. The exercise is the stimulus and building bigger stronger muscles is the bodies response.