Green Coffee Bean Extract Weightloss Benefits

Why is Green Coffee So Effective for Weight Loss?

Chlorogenic Acid, found inside the green coffee bean, is the active ingredient responsible for the weight loss benefit of green coffee bean extract.  Chlorogenic acid has dual properties that make it so effective in rapid weight loss. It inhibits the release of glucose in the body plus increases metabolism in the liver or specifically the fat burning function that the liver naturally performs. Excess glucose is stored as fat in our body. The dual action of chlorogenic acid, inhibiting the release of glucose and increasing metabolism make it very effective for losing weight fast.
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  • Glucose is needed by our bodies to burn it for energy.
  • If our glucose levels are higher than the energy we expend, than the liver converts it into glycogen and either stored it in our muscles or in our liver.
  • Next, after the glycogen storage in the muscle and the liver are full, the body will turn the extra glucose into fat or adipose tissue.

So, basically, when the body metabolizes glucose, it stores what it needs as glycogen and then turns the rest into adipose tissue or “body fat”.

How does our body burn fat?

The liver regulates fat metabolism by a complicated set of biochemical pathways. It also pumps excess fat through the bile and into the small intestines, where it is eliminated. People don’t realize that your liver is an amazing organ for keeping fat under control. It metabolizes fat and helps to rid our bodies of the excess fat through the bile and intestines.

  1. Fat gain happens when there is an excess amount of glucose in our body
  2. Liver metabolism is the number one way that our bodies eliminate fat (or excess glucose)
  3. Now that you know the two most important factors in weight gain: an excess amount of glucose and a low fat metabolism from the liver, you can see why green coffee bean extract can be effective in losing weight.

How Do Green Coffee Beans Differ from Black Coffee Beans

Black coffee beans do not contain chlorogenic acid or at least very little remains. The roasting process evaporates the chlorgenic acid but green coffee bean extract is unroasted coffee beans and they should contain over 50% Chlorogenic acid. So, understand that a cup of coffee will not have the same benefit as the green coffee bean extract. While we are on the subject of a cup of coffee also make a note that the green coffee bean does not have very much caffiene in it. Many people think that green coffee beans are effective for weight loss due to the caffiene content and this is not the case.

What Other Health Benefits Do Green Coffee Beans Provide?

Overall Health:  Chlorogenic Acid is a polyphenol that has been shown to neutralize several classes of carcinogenic compounds before they can cause cancer. Many polyphenols function as antioxidants.

Cardiovascular Health:  Chlorogenic Acid helps to promote optimal cardiovascular health.  A high homocysteine concentration in blood is a major risk indicator for cardiovascular disease. Chlorogenic acid reduces plasma homocysteine levels as proven in clinical trials.

Blood pressure: Chlorogenic Acid has proven to decrease blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic, in clinical studies. No side effects were shown and body mass index and pulse rate stayed the same. LDL or bad cholesterol was also inhibited due to chlorogenic acid, saving the body from damaging the arteries and accelerate atherosclerosis.

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels:  Several studies showed how people taking Chlorogenic Acid and therefore maintaining healthy blood glucose levels were substantially less likely to get Type 2 diabetes.

To summarize, how can this not be beneficial to our overall health profile. Weight control protects us from the dreaded  metabolic syndrome and thus from Type 2 Diabetes. Blood pressure control,  adipose tissue control, cardiovascular control all these things are hugely beneficial to our health and wellness and thus it follows for our happiness.

What to look for when buying Green Coffee Bean Extract

A good supply of Green Coffee Bean Extract should contain 50% or more of the chlorogenic acid. Each capsule should contain 800 mg and the daily dose is 2 capsules per day. A months supply therefore should be 60 capsules because the recommended daily dose is one 800 mg capsule before breakfast and one before lunch.

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