Chris Powell – Carbohydrate Cycling

Carbohydrate Cycling – Stax System of Eating

Chris Powell teaches carbohydrate cycling as a weight loss method. It certainly worked for David Smith who lost 401 lbs in 26 months. The program teaches you how to combine carbohydrates, proteins, veggies and fats in a manner that tells your body how to process the food you are giving it. Phase one boosts your metabolism, then phase 2 introduces veggies and a little bit of fat instead of some of the carbohydrates. This takes some of the thermogenic carbohydrate fuel away and your body now has to reach for its own fat stores for the needed fuel.

So first you boost your metabolism and then you force your body to burn fat you can’t have one without the other.Your brain needs 5 grams of sugar to function if it cannot get it from ready cardohydrate fuel it will get it on way or another and this is exactly what we want. Our bodies are so adaptive that it will soon reduce its metabolic rate on this regime so we trick it into boosting metabolism once again by cycling through phase one. This fourth stage where we are back to burning carbohydrates for fuel once again is where most people drop the pounds quickly.

Please watch these videos for an introduction to the Stax System of weight loss that helped David Smith lose 401 pounds of fat in 26 months. His weight loss story is truly amazing!

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