7 Minute Workout

Exercise – The E word

Most of  us hate to exercise. We work hard all day and trying to fit even a half hour exercise routine into our already overcrowded day can seem overwhelming. We can all do it for a short period of time but then life crowds in on us and the workout routine begins to feel exactly that – a workout. Why do you think it has been coined workout, because it is! If you understand the physiology behind what is happening in your body when you exercise, you will soon understand why we can only stick with it for a short period of time. Exercising your muscles until they are sore triggers a catabolic state.  Exercise causes tiny little tears in the muscle which your body later repairs which is why when you exercise your muscles get stronger. The state of muscle breakdown is called catabolism and the state of repair is called an anabolic state.

The opposite of breaking down, defined as building up, serves as a perfect explanation of anabolism. The anabolic state acts as the complete opposite of the catabolic state, one that requires no energy to occur. It is important to understand that your muscles do not grow when you are working out. They grow only when the body is given the opportunity to rest and recuperate, the anabolic state. Therefore, excessive working out, and lack of a proper diet, will make your training futile.

Shorter Workouts for Better Health

There is a healthy balance that can be maintained between food intake, muscle workouts and the resting healing phase of muscle gain. If you exercise your muscle just to the point of temporary muscular failure thereby ensuring that you have used about 90% of your muscle and then give that muscle 10 days to recuperate you will stimulate your muscle exactly the right amount to ensure growth and strengthening. The resting period between workouts is when the magic healing and growth happens. It usually takes about 5 days for the soreness of worked muscle to disappear and then giving that worked muscle, or muscle group another 5 days to grow stronger is the very best approach to muscle gain and strength training. I know this goes against what many experts advocate.

7 Minute Workouts

This knowledge of muscle physiology allows for a very interesting new approach to fitness. You can work your muscle to temporary muscular failure very quickly and easily by just simply increasing resistance by increasing the weights you use to work out. 8 to 12 repetitions of any exercise to a given set of muscles followed by 10 days rest is the very best way to build and condition your muscles. The 2 week exercise routine targets a different set of muscles every other day and gives you a day off between exercises. So yes, you heard that right! You only need to exercise approximately 7 minutes every other day to get into the best shape of your life.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

To learn more about just how easy it is to follow this new approach to an exercise regime please read the other articles I have on this blog that explain, in detail, how this system works to create the very best and fit person you can possibly be. Just think about this for a minute and really let it sink in. You could be healthier, happier, sexier, stronger, more physically attractive and feeling much better by simply exercising for 7 minutes every other day. WOW – this sounds like a fitness revolution! And it is!