5 Weight Loss Tips


5 Weight Loss Tips

  1. Set realistic Goals
  2. Get plenty of sleep
  3. Keep a food diary
  4. Create an energy balance – less calories in than calories burned
  5. Adapt your plan for your needs

It all comes down to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. To be successful in the weight loss department really boils down to lifestyle changes. If you can incorporate 1 good healthy habit a month,  a year from now you will be the happy fit and healthy person we all strive to be. Some experts advocate reducing your caloric intake by 500 calories and exercising to burn an extra 500 calories that equals a 1000 calorie deficit – the results show immediately.

7 Minute Workouts

A program that is working for me is the 7 minute workout program. This fitness program teaches 7 minute workouts every other day to achieve fitness and weight loss. The trick to this approach is to work your muscle group to momentary muscular failure and then rest that muscle group for a period of 10 days before you work that same muscle group again. This allows your muscles to build themselves stronger in this time off recovery period. The exercise program is set up so that every other day you are targeting a different set of muscles.

This approach builds your muscles stronger creating more lean body mass which in turn speeds up your metabolism burning more calories even at rest. Its a win win situation for your bodies health and fitness and with fitness and health comes happiness. They are triplets in the world of wellness.

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